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Pistachio/Green handglazed bedside ceramic lamp with Raffia/Rattan shade

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This captivating pistachio-colored table lamp is a true embodiment of modern elegance and artistic finesse. Meticulously handcrafted, this lamp is a testament to the fusion of design and craftsmanship, adding a touch of sophistication to any space.

The lamp features a unique pistachio hue that delights the senses with its blend of green, brown, and rust-brown and some yellow tones. This color variation creates a visual tapestry that is reminiscent of nature’s beauty, making it a striking focal point in any room. THE GLAZE is an effect cristalline glaze , it flows during firing, hence the sea of colors, but the amount of green, brown, yellow cannot be influenced , it is decided by physics at the temperature of 1060 C / 04 cone

With a sleek and inviting round base form, this lamp stands tall at a height of 13.4 inches, casting a gentle and inviting glow that transforms any ambiance into a haven of tranquility. The 5.9-inch width ensures its seamless integration into various spaces, from cozy bedrooms to upscale hotels.

The round shade complements the lamp’s aesthetic, adding a touch of texture that harmonizes with the overall design. Its carefully woven pattern allows just the right amount of light to diffuse through, creating a soft and comforting illumination.

2 reviews for Pistachio/Green handglazed bedside ceramic lamp with Raffia/Rattan shade

  1. marina logue

    Very good communication and a lovely seller. This lamp is small and offers a beautiful ambiance. Love the variation in color and uniqueness of it.

  2. Matthew facciolla

    Great item and would buy again!!

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