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Premium Amber Onyx table lamp with light brown veins, 12″ – Beauty of natural stone

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Created by the skilled hands of Onyx stone artisans, this cylinder shaped Onyx stone lamp features amazing natural veins and glows brilliantly while providing soft accent lighting on surfaces around.

Chic and stylish column stone in honey color and calm light creating a cozy spot in your home. This stone comes with many brown from light to dark and ivory natural veins.

When illuminated it creates a perfectly tranquil ambiance, so it is an ideal addition to bedrooms, meditation areas and coffee tables adding elegance to your space with its clean, smooth design.

This lamp represents a fusion of light and art, expertly preserving the natural veining of stone as it flows around.

The look is natural and impressive creating a timeless yet contemporary silhouette that looks beautiful from any perspective.

The stone the lamp was made of was mined, carved, and finished by hand to ensure the highest level of quality, so the lamps became a fusion of light and artful home décor pieces together.

One of the most extraordinary stone materials that are used in homes for decoration is Onyx. A semiprecious and beautiful material that is a first-rate accent to your home.

With parallel bands and the unique characteristic of translucency and the stunning effects, it gives when lit.

A statement piece and a trend in elegant design because of the combination of the remarkable presence the stone offers and the carved forms creating a warm and elegant atmosphere.

Its clean line design fits in elegant contemporary style houses and offices.

The listing is for one lamp.

– It is carved from 100% genuine natural Onyx stone (also known as alabaster).

– Color: amber onyx with natural veining (brown from light to dark and ivory).

– Shape: cylinder

– Measurements: 4.75″x 12″, 8 lbs.

– Stonewall thickness: app. 1/2″

– Honed exterior gives a crafted appearance.

– Excellent quality, very impressive, heavy stone.

– Beautiful, artisan piece.

– Electrical rotary ON/OFF switch cord with an outlet plug.

– LED bulb included.

– Stocked item, ready to ship.

– Natural touches for a relaxing retreat (any possible bolder lines, veins, cracks, crystal holes are the part of the natural stone.

– Pictures represent the type of stone, ordered piece comes with random natural patterns and veins.

(Product includes one lamp with led bulb, any other accessories on pictures not included.)

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4 reviews for Premium Amber Onyx table lamp with light brown veins, 12″ – Beauty of natural stone

  1. whitaker15

    Really enjoy this lamp! It’s unique and very heavy.

  2. Susan

    It’s lovely, just wished it had more darker stripes in it like another Agate cylinder light I have with the same dimensions.

  3. Angie Blaney

    No problems, exactly as described. Beautiful colors.

  4. Sign in with Apple user

    Even more beautiful than expected! And packed to withstand an earthquake!

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