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The Lotus Ceiling Light, Blue and Green

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These art glass ceiling light covers are mounted through a centered mounting hole and are designed to be used with standard household fixtures. A twin bulb fixture for 11 1/2″ or triple bulb fixture for the 18″ is available for an additional $15. The “Glass Only” option is shipped with the decorative connecting hardware included. All electrical components are UL listed.

Made with sturdy 1/8″ thick, clear American made Bullseye art glass and sandblast frosted on the back side. Easily cleaned with soap and water. Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and internationally might include a small surcharge, please contact us for details.

Interested in a custom color, size, or pattern? Send us a message and we’ll get you what you need!

What is Powder Printing?

Powder Printing is an adaptation of screen printing techniques that replaces ink and paper with powdered glass and sheet glass. I begin by digitally manipulating images taken from the living world around me or from historical photos. Just like in traditional screen printing, each image is broken down into its constituent colors, screens are produced, and then placed above a layer of flat sheet glass. I create the image by forcing powdered colored glass through the screens onto the sheet glass, which becomes the canvas for the design. When fired in the kiln, the glass particles fuse together, and pieces can then be used as panels or set up over ceramic or metal forms and heated until they slump into a desired shape.

8 reviews for The Lotus Ceiling Light, Blue and Green

  1. Anonymous

    it makes me so happy that you like your light! Thanks for the great experience!😍😍😍

  2. Lisa Rapallo

    Much more beautiful than I expected!

  3. kseamens

    Thanks for the great review! I’m always trying to help us move away from plastic packaging, which can be quite a challenge especially when you’re shipping glass!😁

  4. Kelly Clark

    This light color is beautiful and really softens my room. The packaging was done with a lot of paper which kept the glass safe and didn’t put any plastic or styrofoam in the environment which I really appreciate!

  5. Anonymous

    The light is beautiful. Love it

  6. Anonymous

    I’m so glad you love your new light Julia! I sure did love making it!😍

  7. Anonymous

    Very pretty, prompt shipping, nice seller.

  8. Julia

    I’m so happy you like your new light! Thanks for the great interaction!😁

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