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Walnut Table Lamp, Desk Accessories, Desk Decor, Night Light, Bedside Lamp, Desk Lamp, LED Table Lamp, Work From Home, MALSIMPLA

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ᛰ Malsimpla lamp is the perfect decoration for your home. Pleasing, warm (2700K) or cool white (6200K) light, with adjustable brightness up to 1500 lumens. Versatility of the lamps insures its a perfect for evening or night, that’s why it is suitable as a gift for any occasion and fits into any interior. The handmade wood lamp will give your room a cosy feel.

ᛰ The unique shape hides a hidden touch switch and energy-saving leds. The Malsimpla table lamp looks like a solid piece of wood! In addition, you can adjust the brightness of the light with simple touch. Elegant and convienient.

ᛰ Malsimpla desk lamps are handmade from natural wood. The offer includes: walnut, white ebony, oak and ash.

ᛰ The wooden lamp is ideal as an decoration for your office desk. The elegant shape and the natural wood will also fit into any bedroom, so Malsimpla is the perfect choice for a bedside lamp.

ᛰ The lamp is powered by USB cable, allowing it to be used anywhere with a phone charger or a USB port.

Malsimpla – Handmade wooden lamps made with passion.

Hand-glued desk or bedside lamp is made of ten layers of naturally bent wood. This desk lamp has an unmarked touch sensitive area in the base of the lamp, allowing the lamp to be controlled without disturbing the minimalist clean lines of the desk light. Simply pass your hand near the lamp base and it will silently switch on and off.

This table lamp is made from 10 layers of wood, 0.7 millimetre thick. When the layers are built up, this results in a lamp with a thickness of just under 7mm. During the process of gluing, the LEDs and touch sensitive switch are built in, rendering them invisible.

The result of this is a lamp free from all unnecessary clutter – no switches or led’s can be seen. It works beautifully as a piece of art or as a functional bedside or desk lamp. Each lamp is unique as each is handmade. Our bedside lamps are made with birch interior layers and an exterior layer of your choice. This results in an almost infinite choice of possible colours.

The wood lamp is protected by a colorless natural oil with a silky sheen. The Leds have a rated 50,000 hours, meaning an expected lifetime of over 30 years with daily use of 4h.

This makes a great gift for a boyfriend, loved one, friend or even a teacher! Each layer is carefully glued to the next within a mould and cured over several days.

On request your table lamp can be customized, with many different types of wood available; from Exotic Mango, to Classic Chestnut each creating its own beautiful patina along the bare edges of the bent lamp.

The bedside lamp comes complete with premium quality braided USB cable and touch sensitive switch. This allows it to be powered from a regular USB plug socket or a phone charger.

Technical Information:

Power input: USB 5v, 1-2 A,

2A recommended for full brightness. Charger not included.

Cable length: 1.8 meter (6 feet)

Power consumption at full brightness: 10W.

LED Lifetime: 50000h

Light color:

Adjustable color model: 2700K-6200K (Warm to Cool White)

High CRI, >85

Touch switch with on/off, gradual brightness and gradual light color control, memory of the last settings.


Height: 25 cm/ 10 inches

Length: 29 cm/ 11.5 inches

Depth: 5cm/ 2 inches

Thickness: 7mm/ ¼ inch

Handmade in Europe.

5 reviews for Walnut Table Lamp, Desk Accessories, Desk Decor, Night Light, Bedside Lamp, Desk Lamp, LED Table Lamp, Work From Home, MALSIMPLA

  1. Anonymous

    Great workmanship and just the right size.

  2. Karen S

    Really love the design, very unique!

  3. Thomas Moore

    Lovely lamps that won’t break if they fall off the night stand!

  4. Charlotte

    yes, the older model you had has different light switch which is why the new lamp wasn’t behaving as you expected. Newer model has better custom Samsung LEDs and switch.

  5. Kimberly C

    I’ve owned one of these desk lamps for a few years and I love it. It is so sleek and I get a lot of compliments. I recently ordered a second one as a gift, and the design improvements make it even better! I had trouble turning it on when I first received it – the shop responded to my chat almost instantly and was quickly able to resolve the issue (which was user error!). This shop is great and the lamps are beautiful! Highly recommend.

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