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Alumen Lamp 8 | Wavy Lamp | 3D Printed Desk Lamp | Task Light | Dimmer Switch

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The Alumen Lamp 8. Interchangeable secondary color (mesh diffuser and spacer ball). Integrated dimmer knob on base. Warm 2700K E26 dimmable 6W LED candelabra bulb. Tools included. Squiggle party.

3D printing allows me to push the possibilities of each design, create affordable designer pieces, use sustainable materials, and keep manufacturing local, in my Denver studio.

Each lamp is made to order. Your interest means a lot to me and please reach out if you have any questions!

4 reviews for Alumen Lamp 8 | Wavy Lamp | 3D Printed Desk Lamp | Task Light | Dimmer Switch

  1. Amanda-Jane

    Quick shipping. Super helpful for handpoke tattoos! Way better than attaching the needle to a popsicle stick…lol

  2. Robert Dunn

    Sorry but disappointed. What is this lamp for? It is listed as a, “Desk Lamp”, but how? The head has no articulation. You want it to
    “ shine” on a different work spot you have to move the lamp. The base of the lamp is lighter than the top so it tips easily. Biggest complaint is the light source itself. With the refractor coloring what little illumination there is the lamp literally puts out less light than a Christmas tree bulb. For me the lamp is baffling. Looks great but its function remains a mystery.


    I can’t speak highly enough of James. He’s a guy-next-door kind of craftsman who is very helpful, patient, and courteous in his conversations. I had some dumb questions and James made me feel like they weren’t. High-quality product (bed) with imagination in design and workmanship. I would not hesitate to buy anything from James again. I’d give 10 stars if I could 🙂

  4. rachyrocks

    Communicative seller and great product ☺️👍

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