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Round elegant handmade white clay table lamp

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Sat A (the name came from the form of a sattelite aiming for the skies) sculptural table lamp is a modern, handcrafted , a balance of shapes that grant an elegant aesthetic through its functionality. The body is assembled with hand from 3 pieces. Fired at 1080 C / 1976 F.

White clay is part of a unique and modern lighting collection ( red, white, black and white crackelé) inspired by aesthetic and minimalism. The joined halves create classic symmetry, balance and proportionate form.

The final color is achieved by using white clay with black grog mixed together. The creating process is quite meticulous : the three parts are slipcast and build together. After sponging we fire the raw pieces, and fire again at higher temperature.

Dimensions – witdth approx : 25 cm/10 inch , height approx. : 24 cm/ 9,5 inches (with light bulb it reaches 28-30 cm / 11-12 inch)

2 reviews for Round elegant handmade white clay table lamp

  1. Matthew facciolla

    Great item and would buy again!!

  2. marina logue

    Very good communication and a lovely seller. This lamp is small and offers a beautiful ambiance. Love the variation in color and uniqueness of it.

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