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Wavy x AMBER table lamp, retro minimal design, 3d printed with 99% recycled plastic – E27, E26, A19 LED

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Introducing our WAVY x AMBER table lamp, a captivating piece that combines a funky, wavy design with the warm glow of amber. Inspired by Art Deco aesthetics, it adds a touch of retro charm to any space.

Crafted from locally sourced and recycled plastic, it’s a sustainable choice that infuses your home with both beauty and eco-consciousness. Whether as a bedside lamp or a statement piece in your living room, the WAVY x AMBER brings a timeless allure that draws attention and creates an inviting ambiance.

Each 3DECO Lamp is designed, 3D printed and hand assembled at the 3Deco Studio in Utrecht, the Netherlands.




▬ SUITABLE LIGHTBULBS ▬ (please ONLY use LED bulbs)

E27 LED:

For Europe, United Kingdom and Australia

E26/A15/A19 LED:

United States, Canada, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan

1. **General Use (e.g., reading or bedside lamp):** We recommend a regular 7w LED bulb with frosted glass in warm white. (These are also the ones we used for the pictures) This should provide ample illumination for practical purposes. You can go for a higher wattage if you need more light to cover a larger area.

2. **Decorative Use:** If you’re aiming for a more decorative or ambiance-focused lighting, consider using a LED filament bulb. These bulbs emit softer light and can really highlight the lamp’s design.

As for the temperature of the light, If you use a light bulb that has a cool white color you get a more yellow/orange glow, while using warmer tinted bulb gives off a more orange/red glow.

DO NOT USE incandescent light bulbs, the heat will melt the plastic!

Cable length:

2 meters

6.6 Feet

Materials: (And why is this item eco-friendly?)

-99% recycled PETG, made from ocean and landfill waste.

-We make every piece to-order, meaning we tune into the customer demand with no wasteful over-stocking. We don’t enforce mass-produced inventory onto the planet.

-Our items are made locally in the Netherlands, direct from design to finished product in the same space. No resources are wasted by outsourcing and producing in a factory far away.

This design is made with a LED bulb in mind, we DO NOT advise using HALOGEN lamps as they get too hot and are less environmental friendly.

You can easily find this at your local hardware store.


All of our products are extremely durable and drop-proof. They are easy to clean and maintain using warm soapy water.

Wholesale availability:

Please contact us for larger orders (minimum 10 units), as we do offer better pricing and customization to the color and size.

*Please note that due to the nature of 3D printing, there can be small imperfections. These designs are not mass-produced products. Each one is individually made to order in our own workshop.

4 reviews for Wavy x AMBER table lamp, retro minimal design, 3d printed with 99% recycled plastic – E27, E26, A19 LED

  1. Sign in with Apple user

    I love the way the light disperses through this lamp

  2. Lauren Lloveras

    this is the cutest lamp with the best cozy lighting

  3. Faith Jamael

    Bought this to go into my living room, it adds such a cool feeling to the shelf we have dedicated to custom art work. Overall adds a nice warm glow when were watching a movie and just want a little extra light.

  4. Nola Mullins

    So so awesome!! The perfect addition to my room, it looks great up close and far away. Worth the cost, the seller is super nice.

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